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(Award for

Best Actress)

Jim Volz

“Gretchen Weiss is picture perfect.”


 “She’s really special!”

Contra Costa Times

Maggie Crum


Rob Stevens

Martinez News Gazette

Nicole Shapatis

“Gretchen Weiss fetchingly portrays the young Luisa.”

“The real standout of the show is Gretchen Weiss…    Her small and delicate frame is packed with controlled power and emotion.”

Union Democrat

Michael Bitton

“Gretchen Weiss is likely to have a lasting impression on theatergoers."

North County News

Peggy O'Hara

"Gretchen Weiss is worth the price of the show alone.”

Modesto Bee

Leo Stutzin

“The production’s many strengths start with the radiance of Gretchen Weiss."

Modesto Bee

Leo Stutzin

“She sings like a dream, she’s a beautiful actress...  She dropped in from heaven!”

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